According to predictions, there will be 7 billion mobile users worldwide by 2022. As technology becomes increasingly accessible, it’s predicted this number will rise. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives.

In any industry, mobile app development is fundamentally changing and redefining business.

In order to gain traction towards optimum growth and reach its targeted market effectively, almost every business needs to incorporate the latest mobile app development trends and extend its marketing strategy.
Innovation is the only way to stand out in such an environment. Whether you are a developer or a business with a mobile app, you should be familiar with the latest trends. Your app will become obsolete if you don’t incorporate these trends.
To meet the demand for new content, apps are being developed faster than ever. These days, consumers expect services to include apps with friendly, easy-to-use interfaces.
Apps can help you present your brand well to the tech-savvy customers of today. In this article, we’ll examine the emerging trends in mobile application development that you should be aware of.


What are the New Trends in Mobile Application Development?

1. Wearables
The world has been taken over by wearables; whether it’s on the Subway or at the gym, everyone is decked out with the newest gadgets.
A new generation of space technology was then enabled by the Apple Watch and Air Pods. Every manufacturer offers a smartwatch and smart earbuds today.
You can use these to navigate to your destination, and some can even make calls without a phone nearby! Having a market value of over $44 billion, it’s safe to say wearables are one of the top mobile application trends.
Wearable Trends in 2022
● Fitness-based tech to stay at the forefront.
● Move to make wearables more independent of the smartphone.

2. Cloud-based Apps
Over the past few years, cloud technology has grown tremendously. As service providers invest in more efficient cloud infrastructure, cloud storage is becoming more affordable.
Cloud technology will be the backbone of mobile app development in 2022.
We do many things on apps today thanks to cloud technology, such as ordering food or booking a cab. Cloud technology has enabled web hosting to become more affordable, more load efficient, and more accessible. The mobile technology trend has accelerated because of this.
Cloud Trends in 2022
● Efficient cloud infrastructure
● Hybrid cloud solutions
● Quantum computing

3. Smart Things / IoT
There is an ecosystem of smart devices that communicate with each other over the Internet, referred to as the Internet of Things.
Almost everything in our homes can be controlled by Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, from the lights to the ovens. IoT is the future envisioned by the internet of things, and so far, we’ve warmed up to it. A number of manufacturers, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Nest, and Honeywell, offer an accessible platform at a reasonable price.
IoT trends in 2022

● More affordable IoT tech
● Self-driving cars
● Smart home and appliances

4. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
Isn’t everyone familiar with Pokemon Go? The game took the world by storm and brought augmented reality to the masses.
Surrounding real-world objects with artificial objects in augmented reality, while virtual reality offers a completely artificial environment.
Games aren’t the only area in which AR and VR can be applied. By using these technologies, training and educational apps can be made more effective. The student can get a true feel for what it is like to perform the job at hand.
Other areas where AR and VR apps are changing the game are interior design and marketing. Using the app, you can see what the product will look like in a particular space or get a better sense of its size and shape.
AR/VR Trends in 2022
● AR/VR in marketing, healthcare, education, and other industries
● Mobile AR technology is going to be at the forefront

5. Beacon Technology
Beacons are location-based technologies used to identify the location of a store, a hotel, a museum or other enterprise using Bluetooth. By sending signals to the location, the beacons trigger the customer’s phone to open the app.
The app can then perform various tasks. A user can use it to shop in a store or order room service in a hotel. A museum’s website may even provide information about the pieces on display. Mobile beacons could revolutionize retail.
Providing personalized service at the customer’s fingertips improves customer satisfaction.
No longer do customers have to wait for a salesperson to answer their questions. They can use the app integrated with beacon technology to do so. It can also be used by retail stores to enable cashless and queue-free checkouts.
Beacon Trends in 2022
● AI-enabled beacons
● Mobile payment solutions using beacon technology

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
It’s no surprise that AI and machine learning are on the list. Those trends would have been among the top mobile app development trends in 2019 as well, and they are on the list for 2022 as well. This proves how relevant and versatile these technologies are.
AI and machine learning are the forces behind chatbots, facial recognition, motion detection, recommendation engines, speech recognition, text prediction, financial forecasting, and many others. As technology advances, the number of ways and ease with which it can be integrated into a mobile app also increase.
The top industries integrating AI and ML into their apps are those in IT, marketing, finance, and customer service. Google has created Duplex, which can make appointments on behalf of humans. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will become increasingly important in application development.
AI and ML Trends in 2022

● Automated Machine Learning
● AI-enabled chips
● Self-driving technology

7. Blockchain Technology
Your mind immediately jumps to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies when you hear the word blockchain. Blockchain technology was born out of cryptocurrencies, but its applications have grown beyond cryptocurrencies.
In mobile apps, blockchain technology is commonly found in mobile wallets and currency converters. Digital assets can also be tracked, digital identities can be secured, cloud storage can be provided, loyalty programs and rewards can be tracked, supply chain management will become easier, and even ownership can be noted.
With smart contracts and blockchain, the possibilities are endless. Smart contracts provide security so that you can use them for a range of things, from renting items to offering loans.
Blockchain itself presents innumerable possibilities, but combining it with another mobile app trend such as the Internet of Things or IoT would provide a powerful tool. The apps created using these trends will be secure, fast, and cost-effective.
Blockchain Trends in 2022
● Large scale crypto-asset adoption by retail and institutional investors
● Blockchain-based technologies like DeFi

8. 5G Technology
5G is the latest cellular communication technology that promises to improve latency, network capacity, throughput, efficiency, and connection density. Some parts of the world already offer it and it will soon become a global phenomenon.
Thanks to 5G technology, developers will be able to create more responsive and fast apps. As a result of 5G technology, more apps will use augmented and virtual reality, IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
Mobile app development is highly competitive, as we mentioned at the beginning. It would be wise for developers to take into account the features offered by 5G and create apps that can stay current with the latest trends in mobile apps.
5G Trends in 2022
● More smartphones, including 5G-capable hardware
● Governments and telecom providers to invest in 5G infrastructure
Future of Mobile Application Development: 2022 and Beyond

New iterations of technology are released every year, and technology is constantly evolving. Mobile technology trends provide plenty of new opportunities for app developers.
To stay on top of the mobile app development field, it is vital to keep up with the latest trends. Technology such as wearables, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing will continue to gain popularity in 2022.

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