Getting an instant loan on WhatsApp via WhatsApp chatbot services enables you to lend in just 10 mins. It gives a seamless instant loan experience. Discover how WhatsApp chatbots can enhance the customer experience in banking & fintech.

Sushil, 32 years old, works at a marketing agency. Recently he got promoted to Sr. Account Manager, which requires him to travel across the cities sometimes to meet the clients. 

He already has a car but now he’s considering upgrading to an electric one, as he always loves to try out new and innovative things. 

And his thought of trying an innovative idea was supported by his bank. He received a notification from his bank that he could get an Instant loan on WhatsApp, in just 5 min. A car loan on WhatsApp it says. 

On the occasion of festivals, there are different schemes running, so Sushil decides to try one of the offers. He tries WhatsApp lending, by sending “Hi” on mentioned WhatsApp number, and boom before Sushil could realize the time passed, he got his loan approved. No need to download a separate app. Frictionless & seamless lean experience.

He selects the nearest dealership & proceeds with the other process. He was surprised by the option for auto EMI collection was too included in the loan process itself, that too without going to any other app or without any physical document submission. The most convenient 

In just 10 min, Sushil has the loan. The instant loan on WhatsApp.

The next day in the morning he went to the dealer & brought home his electric car. Out of excitement, he posted on social media about his experience buying an electric car, on WhatsApp. 

He also told his close friends, family & some colleague about this new way of instant loans on WhatsApp. How easy & convenient it is.


The car sales zoom to record high. India recorded its highest-ever monthly sales of passenger vehicles this September, The Hindu BusinessLine reports. 

A total of 3,55,946 units were sold this month, up almost 90% from 2021, according to data from automakers

So what are you waiting for, you’re losing out on many of the customers like Sushil, his friends, and his colleagues. 

What makes them choose your service, a greater customer service. 

Ease of access & convenience of service. 24 x 7 available service & better customer engagement. 

Make your customer experience more centric. Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers. Satisfied customers choose to be associated with a brand for a lifetime. 

WhatsApp Lending ChatBot is ready to deploy that lets you start your WhatsApp ending journey in just 2 weeks. 

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