Are you into the IT business? And if you want to develop solutions to some real-time problem, then you should outsource your development to India. Why?
Let’s explore.
In 70% of software development cases, reducing the development cost is the main reason for outsourcing the development.

Although there are other significant reasons behind this decision. Outsourcing software development has become routine practice in the software business. Considering that by 2025 the global IT market is expected to be worth $397.6 billion if you are planning to outsource your next project, you are probably headed in the right direction.

Besides Cost efficiency, which is the main reason for outsourcing to India; there are some factors that are too beneficial. After the cost-saving factor, the most compelling reason to outsource to India is time-saving. How? I’ll tell you in the later part of the blog in detail.

Benefits of outsourcing software development to India
So, here I’m enlisting the most compelling 7 benefits, which definitely make you consider India for outsourcing software development as a first choice.

Globally among the top 50 countries, India is considered the best software outsourcing country.
Apart from the core outsourcing benefits like cost-saving, 24/7 support, latest technology, expert & skilled IT resource, supports the idea of outsourcing software development to India. In the next 5 years, 40% of India’s workforce is expected to enhance its skillset to cater to advanced business requirements.
India has 14 super cities that are deemed eligible for outsourcing software development. India has around 125 million English speakers.

More than 59% of global businesses outsource to India, where IT and software development is the most common form of outsourcing.
Even these statistics support the decision to outsource software development to India.



Generally outsourcing is considered for its desirable cost-effectiveness. When you outsource you save up on setting up & maintaining your own technology, infrastructure, and team of experts. You get this added cost-benefit when you outsource software development to India.
Large pool of software engineering resulted in a vast number of software companies in India, which makes the Indian IT industry highly competitive. A quality service is provided at a minimum price, another characteristic of a competitive industry.
In India, hiring software developers is much cheaper when compared to hiring in western countries. In western countries hiring a software developer can cost 75-150 USD per hour and can even go up to 250-459 USD per hour.
In India however, this cost is as low as 15-40 USD per hour. And this reduction in price never results in a compromise to the quality of the service; it’s just an economic feature of a competitive market in a largely populated nation.

A massive pool of IT resources

The majority of India’s workforce is young, so the nation has a young population. More than 50% of the population is under 25. In 2021, there were one million engineering graduates.
India has the capacity to take on outsourcing projects related to software development because of the sheer number of engineering employees available. The Indian population is young compared to its old culture.

Smooth work operations

Product owner & the software developer need to be in continuous interaction for proper development work.

It is an important part of software life cycle development. Language can be a barrier for owner-developer interaction, but not in India.

As English is the world language, in India there are over 125 million English speakers, language will not be a barrier for a healthy owner-developer interaction in outsourcing.

So the product owner need not to worry about the communication hindrance to the development process.

As, because of this Covid-19 the whole world now shifted to remote work mode, product owners can easily communicate with the developers team in English, via different platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google meet etc.

Cutting edge technology infrastructure

Even though India is a developing nation, but it is hard to compete with India’s infrastructure & technology for software development.

India’s huge pool of engineering resources, a flair for IT, and success in software development, has attracted many domestic and foreign investments in IT.

An investment that has resulted in state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. Several Indian cities have world-class telecommunications, cellular networks, and Internet service providers.

Communication between business owners and developers can be facilitated by satellite connectivity, submarine cables, and fiber-optic networks.

There are plenty of young talented engineers in India as well as world-class technology and infrastructure, making it an attractive outsourcing destination for high-quality software development projects, custom web development projects, and mobile app development projects.

Indian government’s new initiative

Digital India, a long-term government campaign, has significantly improved the technological surroundings that surround the social ecosystem today.
Along with the IT industry, the government is also implementing a paradigm shift to the technological realm with the goal of establishing cross-sector technological collaborations between the public and private sectors.
Another major challenge for outsourcing software development is data security, which is dealt with by the Information Technology Act.

Around the clock service

Although outsourcing software development to India may present concerns about time zone differences, Indian developers provide round-the-clock service to avoid this issue.
Web and app development can be performed 24 hours a day in rotational shifts in India because of its immense workforce, infrastructure, and resources.
The availability of 24-hour development increases productivity and ensures on-time delivery.

Higher Turnaround Time

With the help of smart technology, numerous engineers, talented employees, and 24/7 service, we are able to build faster.
The benefit of this is that India is highly preferred for outsourcing. India promises to deliver the fastest time-to-market for your product when outsourcing there

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