How WhatsApp Lending will be the most preferred way of the loan process, read the below story to get a real idea. 

Nishad & Jigar are best friends. Both of them have a desire to go on a road trip, on their dream sport bike. They had planned it in college final year, but then this Covid-19 thing happened. Now after 2 years, as everything is back on track, they decide to fulfill their desire. 

Both of them are very much excited & have been making up all the plans for the trip. Imagining themselves at the destination, clicking stunning photos of the landscape, and of them on their bikes. 

So without wasting much of their time, Jigar went to the nearest dealership, as there is a festival offer, & Nishad went to some other dealership. Both of them have already decided on which bike o buy, so Jigar checks the requirement, pricing & loan schemes. 

Same with Nishad, he checks for the desired model availability, requirements & loan schemes. And decides to take the loan, so the dealer agent initiates the loan process, and tells Nishad the list of required documents for verification. Nishad went back home and brought all the documents as he can’t wait anymore for his dream bike. 

The dealer agent initiates the loan process on the app. 

On the other side, Jigar proceeds with the loan journey on WhatsApp only.


He was required little to no documents to verify. And sooner than he know, his loan got approved. He just had to submit the utility bill, and ID proofs, and give consent to CKYC for loan approval. 

Then simply select the easy EMI option, and initiate the e-signing process. Proceeds with disbursal. Complete the E-NACH mandate for automatic EMI repayment. 

Simple as that, Jigar got the loan in about 5 – 10 mins. He bought his dream sports bike & called Nishad, 

Hey bro, party time! Meet me at my place, I bought my dream bike finally. 

Surprised Nishad said that was so quick man, I’m still submitting & verifying the list of documents man. 

And I think this gonna much more time than expected, & I think I need to revisit the showroom. Once my application is verified & get approval.

From the showroom, Nishad directly goes to meet Nishads, to find his brand new bike, & amused to know that Nishad got the loan on WhatsApp only. The secret sauce. 

And now Nishad is also thinking of, taking a loan from WhatsApp, but obvious though.

Now, after all this, Nishad would definitely go for a much quicker, and more convenient loan process, like his friend.

Like Nishad, there could be many more customers whom you are losing, just because of lengthy, time-consuming, and irritating (sometimes) to the next-gen customer, even though it is online. 

51% of Indians prefer online banking services, but to tap the next-gen, one should think & act like the next-gen. 

“Enthusiasm for travel is back for the upcoming holiday season as the pandemic is almost at its end, reports Livemint, citing a survey by BOTT Travel Sentiment Tracker.”

The next-gen customer prefers a more convenient process. And this next-gen customer is waiting on social media, are you presently there to lend?  If not, then you’re losing the majority of your customers. 

Now one can lend on WhatsApp too.

This festival, This Diwali, gear up your lending experience and lend more in less time, with our WhatsApp Lending Solution. 

Don’t lose out on customers like Jigar. And Nishad could have been your customer because Satisfied customers choose to be associated with a brand for a lifetime. 

Make their road trip dreams come true by owning their dream bike. 

WhatsApp Lending ChatBot is ready to deploy that lets you start your WhatsApp ending journey in just 2 weeks. 

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