Drishtee MIRI Market eCommerce Platform for Rural Manufacturers

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Drishtee Foundation is a social enterprise that enables the community access to critical services and products, market linkages or channel support, capital as well as capacity building support to the rural micro-entrepreneurs as well as community at large.

Swavlamban program was started by Drishtee Foundation and its partners in 2017 with the aim to connect rural and urban communities in a relationship of shared prosperity. The model focuses on building self-reliant, sustainable, interdependent community organizations and enables the community to design and develop community-led economic and social solutions for the betterment of their own villages.





Executive Summary

MIRI Platform is an online and offline platform. It enables rural producers to connect with the market to achieve sustainable production and consumption. It connects rural micro enterprises and producers with urban families in a relationship of respect and interdependence. MIRI Market brings the goodness of Rural India through a wide range of products, handcrafted with love and care by rural women entrepreneurs.


Technologies Used

Backend – Java

Front End – ReactJS

Database – MySQL

Mobile App – Kotlin (Android App)

Server – AWS



  • Rural women required guidance and training for manufacturing products.
  • A channel was required via which buyer and seller could be connected.
  • Order fulfilment and customer support required a platform that could support the end-to-end workflow.



  • Focusing on the problem statement, a comprehensive system built upon microservices architecture (ensuring scalability) was developed using the latest cutting-edge technology, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The system’s pivotal features enable it to facilitate end-to-end workflows across roles and operations:
  • Product Catalogue – to dynamically create products that are listed on the website.
  • Discovery – customers can browse through the products listing, select the desired products.
  • Ordering – once the products have been shortlisted by the customer, they can make the payment and place an order.
  • Fulfilment – once the order has been received, the producer accepts the order and initiates the manufacturing process.
  • Vendors – producers can procure raw materials via vendor partners registered on the system.
  • Training – producers may also request for guidance and skills training via trainers available on the system.
  • Delivery – by integrating with logistics partners, the system enables seamless order delivery directly from the source to the destination.
  • Post Fulfilment – if required, any additional support to be provided to the customer post order received by the customer.



  • One unified platform to manage the entire end-to-end workflow and all the operations.
  • All the different roles that are involved in the process are onboarded on a common platform facilitating seamless collaboration and communication.
  • All the information, resources, support required by the producers is available in a single system, which aids in their efficiency, productivity, output quality and ultimately fostering their growth.
  • The system acts as a bridge between rural producers and urban buyers.
  • Over 121868 rural families across 190 villages in India have already joined Drishtee on the journey of Swavalamban towards sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic well-being.

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December 5, 2023