Gen Z workers are in demand. They are hungry ,ambitious, and driven to succeed -on their terms born in 1990’s to current 2020’s ,Generations Z are digital natives. This generation is completely different then the previous generations, they have higher expectations from the employers .competition for this workers is stiff, and these young, potential, vibrant workers are calling the shot.

To attract, engage ,and hire Gen Z candidates ,recruiters should have to understand their generation and should have to offer a creative environment and promote online learning opportunities.

To attract the best gen z’ers in the market, you need to focus on how you brand yourself in the market .You’ll need to double down on your employer brand and invest in recruiting and retaining employees in this savvy generation. Gen Z’s crave innovation and entrepreneurship -55%,globally,want to start their own companies. 

How to recruit and retain Gen Z employees

Three important attributes that leaders must be aware of and focus on moving forward include:

GenZ are digital natives .They were born in the era of smartphones and they are used to multiple devices .The result is that they have much shorter attention span, they are extremely comfortable multitasking.

They are creative ,innovative and entrepreneurial. they’re incredibly self-reliant. Resourceful, and pragmatic. There’s lot of rich information and content on the web and they know how to friend it quickly so they don’t feel they need to take a back seat to somebody just because that other person has more experience ,they are driven by desire to start their business so recruiters have to protect their physical and mental well-being.

Understanding Gen Z’s preferences, behaviors, and backgrounds may help recruiters create more  effective strategies to attract this generation to the current workforce.

Here are tactics your TA team can use to appeal to Gen Z candidates.

  1. Enhance career sites and job posting 
  2. Create compelling and meaningful content
  3. Use text recruiting for low-pressure interactions 
  4. Showcase diversity in your employer branding
  5. Use social media job applications
  6. Implement an employee referral program
  7. Provide development guidance

Provide clear career paths, mentorship programs, mentorship programs, and training to help attract Gen Z to your company .

One relatively easy way to support their solo mindset is by providing variety in the workplace, you can break out areas where they can get away from their desk which will result in greater output.

why to hire GenZ

So why hire Gen Z ? the list of reasons is long and includes:

Optimism: Gen z’ers are optimistic. They not only choose optimism for themselves, but want to put their positive outlook into action.

Career vs. Money: Gen Z often prioritized having successful careers with good job titles and making money. Gen Z’s approach to work habits is remarkably practical and money-minded.

Eagerness: gens z’ers are hyperaware of entitlement and working hard to forge their path .They will take on internships or volunteering opportunities to enhance their resume. 

Independence: Gen Z tends to be more independent than millennials and thus more able to work on their own, making them ideal candidates if you have a work -from-anywhere policy.

Time: They have been born into a more advanced environment, they don’t like to waste their time. Young employees always want to make an impact anywhere they find themselves.

Managing Gen Z’s for modern workplace success:

Gen Z’s thrive more in an innovative and liberal work environment where they can be themselves and question the status quo. Unlike their generational predecessors, they like stable jobs. This is an advantage if you want to run long-term business. If you want to get best out of Gen Z, give them a voice. the world is advancing with technology, and they are the one who know more about it. You will also reap benefits because these young people are entering the workforce at high you should make sure that your company has career advancement opportunities.

Gen Z prefers to work with organizations that have “promote from within policy” create a learning and development program that will be used to access them. Giving them responsibilities make them feel valued and that results in greater output.

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