How companies can leverage the Whatsapp Bot-as-a-service for customer service to enhance customer engagement, read below,

Artificial intelligence (AI) is drastically changing the customer support field. 

From voice search to visual search & automated messaging. Now the AI Whatsapp bot allows companies to enhance customer service to the next level. Helps companies to better engage with their customers. Solves their queries, and needs, in a more engaging way. 

As more consumers have moved online – driven in large part by the pandemic – businesses have had to radically transform their customer experience. 

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular since March 2020, providing 24/7 support and automatically resolving questions. 

At AnalyticsFox Softwares, we are enabling companies to reimagine customer engagement without WhatsApp Bot-as-a-service. In order to enhance the customer experience, we are deeply embracing automation.

To create better customer relationships, engage with customers in a more interactive manner, and achieve faster growth we’ve built an Whatsapp AI ChatBot. It can be used as a customer service chatbot, WhatsApp lending chatbot & collection bot.

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What is a customer service Whatsapp



Whatsapp Bots that answer basic customer questions using AI and machine learning are known as customer service chatbots. The business messenger could be anything, through the application, website, or Whatsapp/ social media platform.
Questions like,
Let’s say Suraj is a customer of a nationalized private bank. He wants to check his bank account balance, on an urgent basis, he directly messaged the chatbot & to get his balance amount.

Similarly, if Rohini wants to check banks’ FD rates, she’ll ask the chatbot & done, and the bat will answer within a fraction second.

Customers don’t need to wait for a bank employee or even don’t need to be dependent on the bank’s app. Ease of access & convenience is what make it more approachable & engaging. 

WhatsApp chatbots use your existing resources, such as FAQs or knowledge base articles, to help answer and resolve your customers’ questions. 

It is possible to train them to give instant responses, using your preferred tone and voice, when asked multiple forms of the same question. And the bot is available 24X7, to serve, and engage with your customer. Which makes your service better, and makes your customer satisfied. 

Reasons why you should think about using a chatbot for customer service 

Six major benefits of customer service chatbots

There are a number of benefits to using AI chatbots – here are six of them.

Chatbots offer instant resolutions

When a customer asks a question, The chatbots automatically resolve questions using your source material, including knowledge base articles and FAQs.

Your business can offer 24/7 customer support

In case of the absence of your customer support team, a chatbot can answer questions and provide links to resources. 

Chatbots continuously learn

Customer service chatbots don’t just use AI to answer questions. They also use it to learn and automatically improve the quality of the support offered in the future.

Like, For what kind of questions have been asked customers, the semantic meaning of the 2 different questions can be the same, the chatbot learns & understand over time as it interacts with many customers. So it’s ever-evolving & becomes mature to handle Lil to complex queries.

You can tailor answers to different types of customers

Sometimes customers might not be satisfied with the same answer for the same questions given by the Bot, so you can tailor answers to different types of customers.

Your team has more context on each customer

To tap the Invisible leads, the people who browse websites for their requirements. Where when there will be a bot present at their service then is easier to make invisible leads into the visible lead. 

Once you receive that first touchpoint from a customer, you have their information in your system. The conversation history can be used to better understand their needs if they contact you again.

A consistent user experience is created

Last but not least, customer service chatbots can establish a consistent, on-brand experience for your customers. With your bot’s responses, you control the voice, tone, and language, so there won’t be any “we don’t say that” moments.

Chat bot for customer service

With so many drastic capabilities, AI chatbots are not anyway machines, the real human interaction can’t be mocked or artificially created. 

Using chatbots to simplify workflows and eliminate repetition is best for augmenting these interactions.

In cases where a customer is navigating a complex purchase or is frustrated or confused, human agents should handle the conversation. Despite advancements in natural language processing, it can never truly offer a genuine “I’m sorry” like a human.

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