The process of new hires, which is integrated into the system, is referred to as Onboarding. Which includes activities like completing new employee information, KYC, some additional documents as per the company policies & initial onboarding program of new hire, cultural introduction, values, mission, vision etc. 

As we all agree that the First impression matters a lot, so the first few interactions with employees are important to create a positive impression of the company.

The onboarding process itself is the breakthrough, and that process has to be effective & easy to use. 

But currently HR having some challenges in onboarding process, 

Communication GAP

Effective communication about right skills set & the requirement is important for the job match, & then the applications are invited. Communicating with the potential aspirants and updating them about the interviews, joining dates and other important events of the procedure require continuous involvement of the HR professionals. Inability to keep a track may lead to errors and prolonging of the process. 

Exhaustive documentation

As the new hire accepts the offer, the joining procedure starts, which requires meticulous document submissions, form fillings & verification. previous employment records, bank statements, and tax forms are some of the requirements from the employee’s end. Making sure that the employees are made aware about the procedure, time required to complete the process, verification etc. (which basically takes a lot of time)

As like HR even employees find challenging, 

Incomplete joining information

Due to the communication gap, in the process, the employee didn’t get clarity about the joining procedure. How much time it takes to complete the procedure, considering the list of documents required to submit. employee does not receive any communication in-between, it leaves them hanging in the middle and unsure about the employment. At times, the list of documents and amount of paperwork required is missed out hence making the joining process cumbersome.

Non Familiar with company policies

To manage & operate efficiency companies have certain policies. Some rules & laws are common for the industry, but some policies are different company wise, hence the employees must be aware about these policies, & not just aware but have clarity on how the rule works, what is the clause etc.  Non familiarity with the policies, working environment, leaves, code of conduct, can leave the employee frustrated & jiffy. 

FAQ’s or personal queries

Some queries which the side table colleague is not able to answer, are the queries that can be responded to by the HR professional. However, reaching out to HR can sometimes be time-consuming and the employee may not feel comfortable talking about personal issues.

How WhatsApp Chatbots are Revolutionizing Onboarding

Considering the resulting inefficiencies & challenges it makes sense to automate the process using tools. WhatsApp as a platform with technologies like AI & ML can be of really good help. WhatsApp is the most used communication platform over the globe. And it gives the convenience that there is no need to download a new app or to use a separate web platform which possibly charges a high amount. 

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At AnalyticsFox Softwares, we have our WhatsApp chatbot services, which will help to overcome the challenges & increase the efficiency.

The WhatsApp Bot as a Services,

Fasten the onboarding process:

The process of onboarding where the WhatsApp bot has the pre build process, once the employee initiates the onboarding process, one by one it asks for all the documents, & the KYC. There is no need to even change the screen, employees can directly take a picture or upload from phone files. The KYC checks are complete in real time. The WhatsApp bot has integrated some API’s that are called in real time & the documents get verified in real time itself. In a manual process, where the KYC could have taken 2 days, the bot completes the KYC in mere 5 min. It overall fastens the process of document uploading, & makes the process easy & smooth. 

Answers the FAQ’s

There are some commonly asked questions that can be answered by the WhatsApp bot itself. The employees can resolve their queries, instead approaching HR professionals directly. 

Updates & notification

WhatsApp chatbot helps HR recruiting teams maintain regular contact with the onboarding employees to remind them of joining date, paperwork formats, and documents to be submitted. This enhances the joining procedure by eliminating the chances of documentation error and time lag. Sending automated notifications through the WhatsApp BOT allows the company to significantly boost & keep the employees updated.

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